1.1 Update Is out! It's about time!

With the IGMC2017 finally over we can pick up the pieces and move on! So let's do that shall we? I have fixed the starting map point and also I did another thing! I hid a secret just for you! That's right just for you... See the image above? do you? Good! That's where you need to go and face! Then once you do examine that spot with your OK command. You will be asked three questions and if you are 5 hours and 28 minutes ahead of everyone else then you should be able to get in the room! Just make sure that you are not lazy!

It's actually very easy to get inside and it's not Christmas Chaos ether! All you need to do is answer three questions correctly! If you have been following this post and not Jimmy Hoffa then you should know what to do! Just make sure you have paid your Internet bill like I did! Don't expect a steam release of this at the current time ether you can only find it here! Finally, if it all seems like Gibberish you can CANCEL out off a menu of six and you'll be fine! Your reward will be a golden scroll for talking to me and then one for each character that joins after! Oh and one more thing... this game will NEVER have lootboxes and DO NOT EVER tell the game that there's an add on... it will hate you and it will do things...

If this still seems like gibberish then you might be missing a puzzle solution and might want to gloss this over!

1.1 Changes

  • Fixed Start point so you can play the actual game
  • Added a secret room
  • Added access to secret room
  • added answers in the devlog to access secret room for those who want to access the secret room in the form of a puzzle!
  • Added reward for an apology to everyone as soon as they can get into the secret room!
  • Added an easter egg for those who love a good joke

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