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In the time since GT Mythra the birth of the sword the goddess Lady Chloe has been holding onto a special guest in her inifinichest. The Legendary… oh what is that name… She can’t even remember so we will call him shock!  To prepare him for his ultimate quest there is some… things she has to have him do! Fortunately some of her worshipers are in need and she has just the “tools” for the job! Can you help her or will it be all for nothing

Install instructions

Unzip EVERYTHING into your folder of choice and then just click on Game.exe! Once you have done that your game should be ready to play! Just boot it up!


Mythra Hunters Book 1 Chlothar & Kiara v1m1r1.zip 742 MB

Development log


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I decided to give your game a go (vers. 1.1) but I'm getting loading errors in battle (Failed to load: img/animations/cure4.png). You should play test the game a bit before you try to upload it again.. ^^' 

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That's... Odd. I did do a full run personally as well as two others and got through the game fine. I'll look at it again  though to make sure.

EDIT: Found the problem... Seems somehow not all of the files made it into the zip of the build I tested off of... It also seems my beta testers decided to OVERWRITE the the old version so they did have the files even though I told them to clean slate each test. I have a revision with the working build being uploaded as we speak. Sorry about that!

Cool game!